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    Find Your Bliss.

    Most of the shadows in this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Holistic Wellness Coaching - Healing from the Inside Out

Our goal is to help you live your most vibrant, healthy and meaningful life.

Feel Better Now!

Intuitive Coaching and Holistic Health Counseling is a different approach to achieving true wellness.

If you want to get to the core of your issues, this process can help.

Experience a greater sense of peace and calm, and LIVE LIFE WELL –

Call to find out how Blissful Wellness can help you to attain your optimal level of health and wellness.

You are definitely worth it!

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Ready for Change

Trim the weeds or pull out the roots. We can try to change the details of life on the outside, or we can change our perception and beliefs about life from the inside.

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Empowered Health and Healing

Take charge of your health and happiness. Find out what steps you can take now to improve your wellness. Join others with the same goals, and give and receive support for this powerful process.

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Thoughts on Healing

The first step to health and wellness is always the belief that it is possible.

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On the path to Blissful Wellness...

"Lisa's calm, gentle presence invites you into a welcoming space for change. Her openness and non-judgmental demeanor help create a place where you and she can listen together for what's best for your well-being. I trust her and was excited about the results of our session!"

~ Sarah, Raleigh

"Lisa has the rare ability to reach the core of an issue and gently empower you to address the problem. By doing this she enabled me to obtain insight that I had not known prior to our session and I was able to set a goal and make a quick transition into better health."

~ Linda, Raleigh

"Lisa has a special gift of a sweet energy, which makes it easy to talk with her. As she listens or asks questions, I feel comfortable opening up to her and sharing my feelings. Lisa has a broad knowledge of integrative medicine, including supplements, nutrition, meditation, yoga, and energy healing. She encourages you to get to the heart of your pain and understand its message for you. Lisa helps you to connect to your body and your life through Spirit."

~ Karen, Raleigh

"I am very comfortable when in a session with Lisa. Her space is very open and peaceful, which helps me relax after a stressful work week. I am really able to let go and work with her to get to the heart of my frustrations. I value Lisa’s insight on recommended products and techniques for problem solving. I appreciate her natural approach to wellness and finding a whole balance with your body rather than treating a symptom of an illness. I would whole-heartedly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to wellness."

~ Melanie, Wake Forest

"Lisa was patient and loving with me, giving me space to listen to myself. It was very affirming to be witnessed as I searched for my own answers. It helped me put one foot forward and get started when I am stuck. I also found her words to be very encouraging and uplifting to remember the truth that resides in all of us."

~ Donna, Raleigh