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 Living Blissfully Well

lisa-photo2Transformation Coaching – An intuitive, holistic, spiritual process that uncovers your path to healing

The goal of Blissful Wellness is to empower you to live life Happy, Healthy and Well. The solutions you seek to the challenges you face are within you, and are surprisingly easy to uncover. The Transformation Coaching process is intuitive, holistic and spiritual. This recognizes that you are the sum of your life experiences, your challenges, your fears, and your dreams. Each part of you holds a key to understanding the path that leads to your life of bliss.

Physical illness, fatigue, mental distress, and pain can keep us from the life we seek. Although these are physical issues, they often have an emotional component as well. Our thoughts, beliefs, and daily habits can have a great effect on our experience of wellness. When these areas are examined and healed, and then added to healthy-body practices, we can rediscover and create the body and life that feels joyful.

Our bodies can heal. They are designed that way. That is the job they know how to do. If they are not healing, protecting and repairing, there is often a reason, which can often be uncovered with some focus and inquiry. Our bodies and our lives are a mirror of our beliefs, thoughts, fears and past hurts. When we approach illness in this manner, we are given a blueprint to heal imbalances, and live happy, healthy and well.

THE KEY: Each person’s blueprint is different, as our lives, experiences and bodies differ. This is why reading the right book or following the right diet will often not product the lasting change that we are seeking. A process that recognizes each person’s individuality and is designed to uncover, heal and restore in a very personalized way is required. The process of Transformation Coaching offered through Blissful Wellness was created to offer this service.

My Story

My journey began 16 years ago when I saw the power of  holistic health practices to help my 2 year old son heal a serious respiratory condition. I was fascinated by the way nutrition and herbal remedies could heal a condition that we thought would only get worse. As I studied and learned more, I understood the way our beliefs and actions were also affecting the situation. Through the process of earning a Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness, I began to understand healing and the many facets of illness on a deeper level. Becoming certified as a Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Counselor gave me the skills necessary to educate others and support them to understand their own individual stories and to find healing according to the requests their bodies and souls are making. Becoming educated in the concepts of homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences and energy healing provided an even greater ability to be a source for healing for people facing all types of wellness challenges. (I do not diagnose or treat any illness. I educate and support others to live their lives in alignment with the health, happiness and wellness that they seek)

The comment I hear most often from my clients is “This is so much more than I expected. I was hoping just to feel better, but now I remember how it feels to be me.”

Education and Training

AAT Level 1 2014
Ondamed Certified Practitioner 2014
Yogafit Level 1 2012
NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 2011
MA in Holistic Wellness, Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL 2009
Certified Wellness Coach, Spencer Institute, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 2008
Certified Natural Health Consultant, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Provo, UT 2004
BA in Communication / Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 1988

Additional Coursework

Wellness 101 2007
Introduction to Natural Health 2002
Biochemical Blood Analysis 2002