Do you feel stuck?

Are you struggling with physical or emotional challenges?
Are you ready for a different approach?

Holistic Healing works with the intelligence
of your body and the brilliance of
your soul. Rather than trying to fix
what is broken, we look to your life and your
body for
clues about what is out of
balance and what needs to change.
This creates your healing blueprint.

Together we make a plan. You will know
the steps to take and how to move forward.
You will have greater faith in your ability to heal,
and in your own power to live as your healed-self.
We use supportive healing therapies such as Biofeedback, Theta Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Energy Balance, Breathing and Mindfulness Techniques and Guided Visualization, to create a strong, calm and healthy You on all levels.

Awaken Your
Inner Healer

Holistic Health Coach and Intuitive Coaching with Blissful Wellness

Intuitive Coaching


8 Weeks to Wellness


Holistic Health



Mind – Body – Spirit is not just a concept, it is a framework from which we live.
A holistic view takes into account all aspects of our past and present life experience.

Our history and our intentions exist in this framework,
and each is directing our lives.
The story is different, but the calling is the same.
The wounds want to be healed, the dreams want to be recognized,
and the stuck energy wants to be released.

I can help you with the process, but the power to heal is yours.
You will discover that what you seek has been there all along.

Lisa is a calming and energetic soul who provides guidance and insight with a natural confidence! She asks questions and actively listens. She was able to see patterns in the behaviors/situations I shared with her that I wasn't able to see on my own. She helped me understand that I've been swallowing my feelings for years. Then she taught me how, first, to realize the emotions and then recognize them and deal with them. It was so empowering. My very physical symptoms have gone and when they do flare up, I have strategies in place to handle them. I highly recommend a few sessions with Lisa to see how she can help you shape your life!
Sandi B
I saw Lisa when I was struggling with several health issues. Lisa draws on her intuition and wisdom to provide thoughtful guidance for becoming more balanced and informed as a foundation for healing. She used a guided meditation to help me get in touch with what was going on with my body. Her loving, gentle attention and objective perspective helped me more fully process some of the difficulties I had been going through.
Kathy L
I have seen many alternative health practitioners in my life, however, not many come close to Lisa and the speed of health recovery that 1 session provided. She is a true healer, with a wide variety of up-to-date education, training, tools and experience to draw upon. Above all, she has a love, passion and intuition for health and healing. I started seeing Lisa over 3 years ago, and after completing a 10-session Wellness Balance protocol, I had a new start on life with health and vivacity of body, mind and Spirit. I would recommend it to anyone! Seeing is believing. Try a session. It is a big step for health with a small price-tag.
Misty M
Lisa helped me to develop an intentional life that supports health and wellness. She taught me to listen to my body. Her holistic view helps me to get to the root of my imbalances. Now I notice when I am out-of-balance, and I take time to calm and re-center. I feel better, in control, and at peace. As a man, I was out of touch with my emotions. Lisa taught me to stay focused in the present, to listen and feel, and now I really connect with people. It is a profound change for me which has greatly enriched my life.

Everything is easier with a little help.