How To Heal Your Life with Love and Gratitude

How To Heal Your Life with Love and Gratitude
If we want to live Happy, Healthy, and Well we have 2 choices: 1. We can continue to believe that we must do something different, better or right that will fix us, and keep working, or 2. We can move in a new direction and reconsider our beliefs about what will make us happy.
The New Plan. Heal your Life by loving it.
We start by giving up the need to fix what is broken, and by celebrating what is working and what is beautiful. Then, we love our bodies and our lives as they are. Next,we envision who we would like to be and how we would like to feel, and we trust that we are moving toward that vision every day. From a joyful place, we become willing to express our greatness and beauty in the world as the best version of ourselves. We appreciate all that we are, all that we have done, and all of the good that has come to us. With love, we forgive and release our mistakes and the mistakes of our family members and friends. We vow to open our hearts and let love in. And finally, we discover what we love and we do more of it.
As we begin to live from intention and make these adjustments in belief and action, our lives change in small but noticeable ways. Then one day we suddenly realize that we are living the lives we imagined, in the bodies we dreamed of, with the people we were longing for.
It seems that it must be more complicated than this. But many self-help experts have confirmed that  what we hold in our awareness grows, whether that is our blessings, or our struggles.  The only way to find out for sure is to give it a try. Commit to write and talk about your blessings, love and appreciate as often as possible, and practice forgiveness of yourself and others when you can.