Change Your Life in 20 minutes a day

Change Your Life in 20 minutes a day
We know we should, but for some reason we don’t. We plan to meditate, give up sugar, exercise, slow down, cook more, eat less… The list is endless. The ideas are good, but creating the habit is the challenge. The reason:  our focus and intention changes by the minute. There is always something calling our attention. We are bombarded by suggestions, instructions, and prescriptions for things we should be doing, and we are so overwhelmed by the volume of “shoulds,” that we often do nothing. I propose that we choose just 1 thing, and actually do it.
I believe that creating a daily practice and giving it a scheduled appointment is the most powerful commitment we can make to creating the life of our dreams. This basic practice shifts us out of the stress, thoughts and patterns of the day, and opens us to connect with something deeper  We get in touch with our true self and inner wisdom, and we access the joy that is already there for us.
Once we have done it a few times, we know how to do it, and it will feel comfortable, nice, and easy.  Sometimes, we find that it is not the activity, but our commitment to our selves that is really what holds the power.
There are many practices to choose from, each one with a “how-to” guide and an abundance of information on why it is so beneficial. It is easy to get lost in this. So lets keep it simple.
I offer here 4 practices with little instruction. Try several of them for at least 7 days, and see what you notice. You will likely feel  different on the inside, and this may even magically change things on the outside.

  1. Make a gratitude list of 5-10 things for which you feel grateful, or blessings from your day if at night, or the prior day if your time is in the morning.
  2. Sit quietly for at least 5 minutes just noticing the breath coming in and out through your nose, and noticing any thoughts as “thinking.”
  3. Write in a journal with complete freedom where you can say anything that is on your mind. Keep writing until you feel finished.
  4. Sit for 3-5 minutes repeating a word in or phrase your mind that represents how you would like to feel. It can be Peace, or I Am Calm, of I am Loved, or All is Well. You can also choose a Spiritual word or phrase that holds meaning for you.
If other practices call to you, and they feel simple, choose one of those. The only key is to give yourself the gift of this time every day, and protect the practice no matter what.
Let me know how it goes.