How to Heal by accessing your Healed-Self

How to Heal by accessing your Healed-Self

If you are facing new personal challenges, after the last few years of change and chaos, know that you have the power to heal. Many are facing anxiety and depression, weight issues, too much stress, relationship struggles, or a physical challenge that is interfering with life. The common approach, and that of the traditional systems, is to address challenges from the aspect of the problem. We focus on what is wrong and try to figure out how to fix it.

Consider, instead, what it would feel like to be healed.

Most of us have worked with the Law of Attraction. We look for the opposite of the problem and affirm that different state of being. This process can be powerful, and may help, but does not address a major issue. The illness or challenge may be held in place by our beliefs, behaviors, fears, or wounds, known or unknown. In other words, if we continue to live the way we are living, the issue remains.

Ask Questions

We need not feel responsible for the issue. We can can simply wonder if the challenge is a message that we are in some way out of balance with our highest self or best life path. A first step is to ask, “What is this situation here to show me?” and write down the wisdom you receive.

Another option is to get in touch with your Healed-Self. When thinking about the challenge, ask yourself “What would Healed look like?” If a weight issue, healed may be -feeling good in your body and eating in a way that is nutritious and supports your wellness. For anxiety healed might be – feeling grounded, calm and balanced on the inside, no matter what is happening on the outside.

Act as if

Once you have this clarity, you can close your eyes and ask, “What would my healed-self do?” There is a version of you that is healed and knows how to reach and hold that state. For example,
my healed-self:
finishes dinner by 7:00
drinks water all day
gets massages and practices good self-care
keeps the house stocked with healthy food
practices Yoga and meditation in a way that feels supportive
does not overextend.
These are not a list of “Shoulds,” they are qualities and ways of being that are in alignment with your path to heal.

Once you can access this version of yourself, and the wisdom it offers, you can feel into this energy and adopt it as your own. Act, believe, and move in the world as your healed-self. You may still need to treat and support the body through the healing process in traditional ways, but connection to this wisdom may help you make decisions, choose providers, and know what is right for you.  If you need help to access this information, or to better understand the deeper issues involved to heal on all levels, working with a holistic healing practitioner can provide the needed clarity and support you on this journey.