Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Relax and Reset

The Bioacoustic mat is a revolutionary vibroacoustic therapy device that works with the Amethyst Biomat. Using the two together will give you infrared heat, negative ions, and vibroacoustic sound therapy all in one place.
Enjoy 60 minutes of bliss.

The Experience

The table is fitted with an acoustic Bio-mat and warming device that delivers gentle vibrations while keeping your body temperature at the optimum level for your session. Soothing music playing either through headphones or in the background only enhances the healing experience. I found my session to be rather enjoyable and it was easy to lose track of time as I sunk into deep relaxation. When the session was finished, I felt energized, yet calm and present. It was a lovely break from the stressors of the outside world.
It is a unique experience – feels like a vibrational scrub from the inside out and a positive recalibration of one’s energy. It is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating complementary therapies I’ve tried, truly making me physically feel balanced in body, mind and spirit.