Integrative Healing / Intuitive Coaching

Do you feel like you have tried to change your circumstances, or to make things better in your life
and but you still feel stuck?  There may be blocks that need to be understood and cleared.

Create a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. True healing often occurs on a level deeper than intellectual understanding. It involves showing up differently in our bodies and in our lives.  This happens on an energetic level. We need to be able to see, work with, and affect the programming and patterns that have created the situation. Practices such as Energy Psychology, Theta Healing and Reiki can help access these systems and generate change on a deeper level.  Integrative Healing and Intuitive Coaching offers support for deep healing and provides tools you can use to be your own powerful healer.

Rediscover your inner strength and peaceful balance, and live fully as your greatness.

5 Session Package $500

  • 1 (90 minute) Client Intake Session
  • 4 (60 minute) Healing / Coaching sessions

  • Workbook

8 Session Package $750

  • 1 (90 minute) Client Intake Session

  • 7 (60minute) coaching session

  • Workbook

Consultation/ Reiki  /Theta Healing

  • 60-minute session – $90

  • 90-minute session – $130

  • 120-minute session – $160

  • Sliding Scale Available – Call for information

Bionetics / LLLT

Initial Appointment – $120
Includes Assessment and Bioenergetic Balance

Bioenergetic Balance with Spectravision – $85
System Balance with PTLII – $75

12 Visit Complete Body Balance – $900
Sensitivities, Focus and Attention, Stress, Immune System


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