Wellness Groups

Wellness Groups

8 Weeks to Wellness Support Group

Empower Yourself to Heal

Purpose: To offer support and community for those interested in learning more about wellness, disease prevention, and healing,  and to empower each person to take an active role in creating what they desire.

Details: (8) – 1 hour sessions – maximum of 8 participants -$40/session

Location: 920 Paverstone Drive, Suite B, Raleigh

Topics include:
The difference between positive belief and positive thinking
The role of stress in illness
Discovering your inner wisdom
Why do some people heal?
The truth about the Placebo Effect
Is Spontaneous Healing really spontaneous?
The true meaning of wellness
Seeing the body in a new way
A recipe for healing

Holistic Health and Wellness Support Group, Raleigh, NC